Our Current Wish List

Updated May 2019


If you are visiting Rarotonga or volunteering with us (especially those of you coming from veterinary clinics!) please email tearemanu@gmail.com at least 3 weeks prior to your arrival as we may have urgently needed items you may be able to bring!


Before leaving for the Cook Islands please let us know exactly what you are bringing with you, including an estimate of the total cost, so that a Bill of Lading document can be forwarded to you to carry the drugs and supplies through customs easily. This should be organised 2 weeks prior to your departure date so we can arrange the necessary approvals with customs.


Please note that most of the dogs on the island are >20kg so keep this in mind when organising donations (especially for flea/worming/heartworm treatments/preventatives).


Regarding general consumables (i.e. needles, syringes) – please check with us first as we often have plenty of particular sizes and have limited storage space at the clinic. As it is difficult for us to dispose of unwanted/out-of-date items on the island, all donated items should be readily usable in a mainly small animal general practice environment. Please do not bring items with an expiry date earlier than 2018 unless you have checked with us prior.

** used almost daily so always in need

% items the general public can purchase and import easily



  • Syringes – 1mL**

  • Sterile scalpel blades (10, 15, 11, 20, 22)

  • Adhesive Bandaging

    • 7.5cm (e.g. Tensoplast)

    • 1” rigid and/or elastic

  • Chlorhexidine/Iodine – scrub & concentrate

  • Malaseb shampoo (or similar) & non-medicated shampoo eg Allergroom shampoo and conditioner, Fidos Flea Shampoo

  • Enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner

  • Flea treatment (oral or spot-on) – large dogs (>20kg), cats & kittens, Revolution Puppy/Kitten​

  • Worming treatment – for puppies & kittens ONLY

  • Heartworm tests – IDEXX Snap, Zoetis Witness

  • Elizabethan (Buster) collars – all sizes %

  • Milk replacer products (e.g. Wombaroo) for puppies/kittens %

    • Milk bottles/teats​

  • Microchips & Microchip Scanner (currently using Virbac BackHome)

  • Individual autoclave pouches – medium & large sizes

  • Absorbable suture material – 0, 2/0, 3/0, cutting needle preferred


​General Items %

  • Pet toys – great fundraiser for the clinic!

  • Pet carriers – strong & reliable preferred!

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  • Litter trays (small, corner style preferred) & kitty litter

  • Lubricant gel (eg KY Jelly)

  • Lint rollers and refills

  • Ear cleaner (eg Otocleanse, Oticlean)

  • Small clippers eg palm-held oslers, size 40 blades

  • Items for the Volunteer House (eg cooking utensils, bedding, towels, etc)


General Consumables & Equipment

  • Needles – 25G-18G, <1”

  • Prescription drug labels (no clinic name please!)

  • Hill’s a/d (or similar, long expiry dates please!)
  • Fluid lines (longer preferred) & extension sets
  • Microscope cover slips

  • T-port connectors

  • Injection ports/bungs & syringe caps

  • IV catheters – 20G, 22G (no large gauge please!) eg Surulan

  • Hartmann’s (LRS) IV fluids

  • Wound gels – ie Solosite

  • Bandaging – ie Melolin

  • Fluid & Syringe pumps

  • Stethoscopes (Littmann)

  • Digital Thermometers


Surgical Consumables & Equipment

NOT forceps or needle holders/drivers

If donating second hand, please check for functionality and sharpness (where appropriate) as we are unable to get instruments serviced on the island. Our preference is for surgical instruments designed for reprocessing (i.e. NOT single use only).


  • Anaesthetic circuits and bags (new only please)

  • Disposable sterile drapes (+/- fenestrations)

  • Complete spay kits

  • Linen drapes – medium/large for quarter draping, also for wrapping kits


Prescription Medications

New or unopened expired recently only please (no earlier than start of 2018)


  • Medetomidine & Atipamezole **

  • Propofol

  • Alfaxalone

  • Proheart SR-12 (preferably 10mL)

  • Cerenia injection **

  • Guaiphenesin (used for fish poisoning)

  • Long-acting penicillin (or similar) injection

  • Convenia injection

  • Antibiotics – Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid

    • Especially for large dogs (>20kg)​ 500mg

  • NSAIDs – ie Meloxicam, Carprofen

    • Especially for large dogs (>20kg) & cats​ 100mg

  • Clanilox/Norodar injection


Any non-S8 (Australia) or Controlled (NZ) medications frequently used in general practice gratefully accepted!


Big Ticket Items​

We don't mind second hand equipment if you are upgrading. We do request that it is in working order and serviceable as repairs and maintenance are hard to arrange on the Cook Islands (we have to ship to NZ or Australia if we are unable to maintain ourselves or arrange locally).

  • Cautery unit (surgical) **

  • Suction unit **

  • Dental machine