All veterinary services and drugs are provided on a donation basis. In order to ensure we replace medications when used and keep our surgical equipment in top condition we rely heavily on donations. Many of the clients who use the clinics services are unsure how much to donate so we have come up with a suggested list of donations for services provided. These donations cover the direct cost of the treatment.

Suggested donations:

  • De-sexing (castrations and speys) $40 each

  • Consultation $20

  • Flea treatment $15/pet

  • X-rays $40

  • Lump removal $60 - $100

  • Medication $10 - $40

  • Bandaging $10 - $50

  • Other surgery treatment - please ask for a suggestion


Due to the costs associated with the following services we are unable to provide them on a donation basis. 

  • Heartworm test $30

  • Export tests - see manager

  • Pentostan injections (for arthritis) TBC

  • Yearly heartworm injections TBC


Donations do not have to be in cash.

  • You can spend time helping out at the clinic for example with cleaning, laundry, yard work, maintenance

  • If you have extra produce you could donate it to our volunteers.

  • You can help our volunteers to have a good time on Rarotonga by welcoming them to community events or treating them to activities.